CRER is proud to announce Guzel Lubinski is joining Chicago Real Estate Resources, Inc.

Guzel is committed to professionalism and has a passion for designing technologies that bring people joy, rather than frustration.

Guzel has built her career in a variety of roles and industries. As a successful business owner, she was not just a fitness instructor but also a customer advocate, technology whiz, bookkeeper and a marketing expert. Guzel is used to wearing many hats and she sincerely enjoys it; she thrives in an environment where no two work days are exactly the same.

Besides being a small business owner, Guzel Lubinski can offer you years of experience in commercial real estate working for CBRE, Colliers, Transwestern, @properties Commercial as well as banking and insurance organizations like LaSalle Bank, ABN AMRO Mortgage Group and Lincoln Retirement Financial Group. Guzel has excellent project management skills and a great eye for detail, creativity, and innovation – particularly when it comes to making a presentation. Her marketing background and graphic design skills help her innovatively market her listings and contribute to the growing success of Chicago Real Estate Resources.

Click here to learn more about Guzel Lubisnki.


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